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Roof Repair Begins October 2

By September 20, you should have received this letter describing the upcoming roof repairs for Pickett Park.


In particular, the letter contains information on how skylights and satellite dishes will be handled. These are the responsibility of the owner.

The form for how you wish to handle the skylight and/or dish antenna for your unit is part of the letter and must be returned by September 30, 2023 in postage paid envelope.


Questions may be directed to Jennifer Mcallister at CAS, and she will forward them to the appropriate person.

The most important  items are discussed below.

Re-roofing starts the week of October 2, 2023, depending on weather. Two crews will operate from both ends of the complex, converging towards the center. Each building takes about a week. Unit's will be notified a week in advance via notices placed on doors.

 Work Schedule

  1. 101-111 & 167-177

  2. 114-122 & 153-163

  3. 126-136 & 152-162

  4. 115-123 & 141-149

  5. 127-137


All vehicles must be removed from the driveways of the buildings being worked on to allow access to the work crews. Any vehicle not removed will be towed at owner’s expense. Residents may park in any available guest parking area during that time.


If you or your tenants will be out of town during the October/November timeframe and your building has not been re-roofed, we recommend that you park in guest parking.  


If your building is not being worked on, please park in your own driveway or garage in order to free-up space in guest parking. Owners, please make your tenants aware of this rule.


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